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FAI Materials Testing Laboratory brings together expertise from a wide range of industries and combines it with state of the art analytical laboratory services to provide the best materials testing, failure analysis, and consulting services to our clients.

About Us

Our Mission

FAI Material Testing Laboratory's mission is to be the best analytical laboratory and failure analysis service so that we can provide our clients with the best explanation about why their materials, products, and components perform the way they do. We want to help manufacturers, quality assurance managers, attorneys, engineers, and designers create a safer, healthier, better world.

Who We Are

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory is a full service analytical, failure analysis, and materials testing laboratory providing clients great service at a reasonable price. We are professional scientists, chemists, and engineers with decades of experience solving problems in a host of industries. Founded in 1999, we have served hundreds of companies across the world.

What We Do

We offer a variety of Analytical, Failure Analysis, Consulting, and Expert Witness Services to assist our clients in understanding why their products, materials, and components perform the way they do.We take projects from a wide range of industries and leverage our analytical techniques and expertise to meet your testing needs and solve your toughest problems.

Jon Crate, Founder, President, and CEO of FAI Materials Testing Labortory

Jon Crate

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jon Crate is the founding President and CEO of FAI Materials Testing Laboratory. Jon received his bachelor's degree in Chemistry from University of Central Florida and his Master's in Polymers at Georgia Tech. Jon is an expert witness and has leveraged his expertise to win many court cases related to tire failures.

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